Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you for visiting!  I am Ingrid Morroy, Arlington, Virginia's Commissioner of Revenue.

I'm running for re-election in 2019, because my staff and I have created an assessment office with a focus on high quality customer service and fair assessments, which is what the residents of Arlington expect and deserve. I hope you will support me!

Since I took office in January 2004, the motto of my office has been "When customers call us, they are not interrupting our busy workday.  They are the reason we are here!"  I have employees who are professional, highly educated, qualified and motivated and we are committed to providing high quality customer service and fair assessments.

What have we done for you lately?

  • Implemented a customer friendly tax administration system.
  • Introduced online filing and tax return system for businesses and individuals.
  • Generated over $15 million through compliance and enforcement since 2004. 
  • Processed over 31,000 DMV transactions at our DMV Select in 2017.
  • Introduced marketing and outreach initiatives.
  • Instituted interagency cooperation.
  • Initiated cooperation with Arlington's business organizations.

These initiatives, along with those in my original 2003 program, have resulted in improved customer service delivery, a friendly environment, and shorter wait times on the phone and at the service counters.

2020 - 2023 initiatives:

  • Customer Advocacy.
  • Automated License Plate Reader program
  • Online service expansion
  • DMV Select and DMV Connect


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