Program Initiatives for 2020 - 2023

  • Customer Advocacy - Consumer protection! Does the contractor you plan to hire have a Business License with Arlington County or a State Contractors License with Virginia?  Does the door-to-door vendor offering to trim trees or make home repairs have a Vendor's Permit from the County Police?  Our Customer Advocate can help.  She has access to the appropriate State and County records and is able to tell you if the contractor or vendor you're considering is in compliance with the law - without you having to spend hours online or on the phone.
  • ALPR System - Fair Assessments!  In 2019, Arlington County will eliminate the annual vehicle decal (although the fee will remain). To ensure that we continue to discover and assess unregistered motor vehicles, we have imlemented the Autmated License Plate Reader program. This program guarantees that all motor vehicles garaged in Arlington are registered and assessed. Fair assessments will reduce the tax burden on all of us.
  • Online service expansion - Customer convenience!  Each year, mailing and printing costs increase. We will offer customers an improved online experience by making available all assessment information for both business and motor vehicle owners. This will occur in a secured environment. At the same time, we will decrease mailing and printing expenses.

  • DMV Select and DMV Connect - One stop shop!  In addition to our DMV Select where most vehicle related transactions can be processed, we host DMV Connect once a month. DMV Connect is a full service DMV operation, managed by DMV staff on the second floor of the Arlington County government building. DMV Connect offers all services, including driver's license renewals, and the issuance of "Real ID" licenses and identification cards.

Authorized by Ingrid Morroy.